My Month of Writing: a writing tracker for your month-long projects, to track your plans, goals, progress, and achievements. Available in paperback from

My Month of Writing: a writing tracker

A month-long tracker for your writing projects, geared towards setting goals, documenting your progress, and celebrating your achievements, Available in paperback from Amazon.


Soon Malcolm is absorbed in protecting Caleb and Noel from threats both living and dead, and in uncovering the story of Fidele.

Previously published as Jenna Jones

The Apples & Gin series

Noah and Sawyer know one thing for sure: true love is delicious.

The Wish Series

Barnaby Sloan is about to learn that magic happens everywhere, sometimes in the smallest of ways.

Ebony Angel

When Austin was a child, his mother sang to him that angels were watching over him. Austin is about to learn that this is more than a lullaby.


Knowing Robin is a monster is one thing — can Jory accept Robin into his life without becoming a monster himself?